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    Government funding program available with certain restrictions

  • Conventional Loans

    A conventional loan is a mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by any government agency. There are various types of conventional loans, with various mortgage length, interest and down payments.

  • Conforming Loans

    Conforming loans are conventional loans that meet bank-funding criteria set by Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC).

  • FHA Loan

    FHA mortgage loans are issued by federally qualified lenders and insured by the U.S. Federal Housing Authority

  • VA Loan

    Designed to offer long-term financing to American veterans, VA mortgage loans are issued by federally qualified lenders and are guaranteed by the U.S. Veterans Administration

  • Rural Development Loan Programs

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers a variety of programs to help low to moderate-income individuals living in small towns or rural areas achieve homeownership

  • State and Local Housing Programs

    Many state, county and local government programs offer financing for qualifying low-to-moderate income families wishing to purchase their first home.

  • B/C Loans

    B/C Loans do not meet the credit requirements of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They are known as B, C and D paper loans. Loan applicants typically have a bad credit history, have filed for bankruptcy, or have had a property in foreclosure.

  • Location Efficient Mortgage (LEM)

    Location Efficient Mortgages are available to individuals purchasing more expensive homes in areas where with efficient public transportation systems.

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